Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Her body felt like it'd been beaten with a hose. This must be what it felt like to get old. It wasn't that your body fell apart from living so long. It was that you had to take so many stompings from life that you'd be happy when the time came to close your eyes and never open them again." -"Paint It Black" Janet Fitch.
She unfolded the money, then pushed it up her sleeve, "Whatchyouwant?" she asked Richard, suspiciously. "Nothing," said Richard. "I really don't want anything. Nothing at all." And then he realized how true that was; and how dreadful a thing it had become. "Have you ever got everything you ever wanted and then realized it wasn't what you wanted at all?" -Neverwhere. Neil Gaiman.
'It was always the first thing he noted to himself about rich people; they always seemed to be tan, as if their money awarded them more sunlighht than was allowed to shine down on poor people" -Icarus by Russell Andrews